Day 41: Love Covers All

Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins” Proverbs 10:12 NKJV.


It is a strange concept to think that love is enough to cover and heal all wounds, that is enough to bring new life to multitudes for generations to come. In fact, most of the problems we are faced with all stem from a hatred of one people group to another based on reasons which do not even make sense. Hatred is the breeding ground of bitterness and bitterness is truly like poison. The damage it does in you, who hate, is far worse than the impact it has on those around you as it slowly eats away at all your joy and peace, chewing away at your life bit by bit. Hatred never solved anything that is why millions will continue to die at the hands of another. But when we love, all that was broken inside us is restored and this can in turn heal that which is broken in another. Through love, an understand can be reached through humble conversation, with no hidden agendas. With love, we could find ourselves living in a world filled with peace and joy. Without love, there can be no joy or peace. Love is the essence of it all because it overlooks any wrongdoings that may have happened in the past. The past is behind us, lets look to the future with love in our hearts, because our decisions today, shape our tomorrow.


Father, teach me Your ways and give me a teachable heart so that I too can love unconditionally. I thank You for Your love because it pursued me and washed away all my sins. Amen



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