Day 11: Where Is Your Hope

“If I wait for the grave as my house, If I make my bed in the darkness, If I say to corruption, ‘You are my father,’ And to the worm, ‘You are my mother and my sister,’ Where then is my hope? As for my hope, who can see it?” Job‬ ‭17:13-15‬ ‭NKJV‬‬. 


Having your hope in the wrong things is the same as building your home in the grave. You allow yourself to be consumed by the wrong things as you have to constantly put in the work to maintain that hope. The unfortunate thing is that, that hope is only temporary and can do nothing for you except keep you in the dark where no one can see you. A perishing hope, leads to a perishing life. 


Putting your hope in God frees you from all unnecessary labour as it is He who goes to prepare you a place in the Father house. It is He who shines a light upon your life that all those who see you, can see that your hope is truly alive. You no longer work for the grave but you world to bring life and a new hope for those who make their beds in the dark. You are able to help those suffering despite the challenges you may face because you know your hope is alive. 

Father, I place my hope in You my living God and I look to you to help me through all the struggles and challenges I may face. Renew my hope in You that I may never wait for a home in the grave. Amen


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